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School has always been a leader in education.


Max Class Size
Inclusion by providing access to our curriculum programs.


Differences are central to broaden our perspect.
About our School

A community of best &

inspired learners

Improving Learning

It is our goal to improve the learning of all students for academic success in their further education.

School Accountability

CAS is committed to a thorough and efficient system of public schools accountability.

Teaching Methods

Cooperative learning will be integral and essential to all learning experience at CAS

Student Assessment

Students are assessed by classroom exams as well as state mandated exams.

Our Campuses

CAS serves its students at four locations.

  • Elementary School Campus:K-4
  • South Elementary School Campus:K-4
  • Middle School Campus: 5-8
  • High School Campus: 9-12



CAS demographics are similar to the districts and students range from gifted to those with learning disabilities. To ensure success for all, students that are not at grade level receive tutoring in math and reading.


PLTW Launch’s 28 interdisciplinary modules bring learning to life. The program
empowers students to adopt a design-thinking mindset through compelling activities, projects, and problems that build upon each other and relate to the world around them. 

Coral Academy of Science Middle School prides itself on project based instruction,
cooperative learning, and small class size. The teachers integrate technology into their lessons whenever possible. 

Coral Academy Middle School will offer several PLTW modules in 2018-2019, and hopes to continually add additional modules in to the curriculum. In the 2018-2019 year the following PLTW courses are offered at Coral Academy Middle School


The PLTW programs at Coral Academy of Science is a four year, honors level, interdisciplinary program in science, math and engineering. Students will experience hands-on, project based activities that promote the development of critical thinking skills. Students will use the design process to create their own inventions or innovations to solve real world problems.

Advanced Placement (AP)

CASR offers Advanced Placement (“AP”) courses and/or Honors courses to eligible students. CASR offered 14 AP courses in the 2018-19 school year, including the following AP courses:


Falcons Football

Founded in 2017, the Coral Academy of Science Falcons were the first football team to represent a charter school in Nevada. Playing in the NIAA 2A division, with head coach Adam Barrett, the CAS Falcons are poised to make history!

Falcons Volleyball

Join the lady Falcons in this season’s volleyball schedule. GO FALCONS!

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I can’t believe we have a school of this caliber here in Reno. Amazing school, dedicated, and committed teachers.

Tami Cummings