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High school Athletics

Coral Academy of Science has been paving the way for students to thrive in education for over 20 years through our esteemed PLTW & AP programs. However, there was a need to compete outside of the classroom.

Since 2016 we have taken our competitive nature to the rest of Nevada as a member of the NIAA and competed in 9 sports in the Northern Nevada 2A league. This is a direct result of the enthusiasm of our students who wished to pave their own path and start an athletic department where we became the first Charter School in Nevada with a football program. In six years we have had over 75% of our student population has competed in at least one of the following programs during the school year!

  • Football
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Cheer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Track & Field


  • Back-to-back regional girls golf champion
  • Countless sweeps & playoff appearances
  • Top Placements in Cross Country in regional & state tournaments
  • Heartfelt rivalry games that have expanded out community support
  • 2nd Place in the 2019 State Championship for Track & Field
  • Dozens of 1st & 2nd Team All-League & All-State student Athletes in football, volleyball & basketball
  • Several All-State Academic Achievements
  • State medals for wrestling!

Student-Athlete Handbook


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A special thank you to our sponsors who helped to build our Falcon’s Nest. Our fully-operational, recreational gymnasium opens in Fall of 2023 to host our athletic events and any and all CAS events for all 5 campuses as needed.

The donations received from our gracious sponsors helped furnish everything from wood court flooring to bleachers to weight room equipment. 

Nearing the Winter of 2022, our governing Board of Directors invested the required funds necessary to complete this 4 year project allowing for an opening date and hope for our student-athletes! This financial investment paid for all remaining furnishing items so they could have a shared high school experience with assemblies, home games and demonstration of our proud community!

Interested in advertising in our gymnasium? 

Inquiries regarding sponsorship please contact Breanne Tyska, Athletic Administrator, 

“Our Athletics program is committed to providing every opportunity possible for our student-athletes. However, operation costs tend to weigh heavily on our student-athletes and families. Unlike many other high schools, the cost of transportation, officials, league fees, medical supplies, and coaches is the responsibility of each program at CAS-HS with some help from our governing board. This makes us heavily dependent on fundraising to combat the costs of each program and student-athletes have to raise money for tangibles such as warm-ups, bags, and uniforms.”

What is your money going towards?

  • Scoreboard(s)
  • Volleyball Systems
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Paint/Logos
  • Concessions appliances
  • Bleachers
  • Wood Flooring
  • Weight racks
  • & MORE

Inquiries: Athletic Administrator 

Upon request, we can provide a tax-exempt letter, 501c3 information, EIN #, and donation letter for your completed pledge

Coming soon! Full facility rental for your program or event!