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Elementary School Reopening Resources

CAS ES 3 Scenerios For Reopening The 2020-2021 School Year

50/50 HYBRID

The CAS ES will have a M/W group and a T/TH group with Fridays for teacher prep and online learning for all students. Teachers will take attendance every day for all students. Any students that are DL that do not check in on Google Classroom by 8:30 will receive a phone call from the Admin Team, which consists of the admin and front office staff. On Fridays, the teacher will videotape their online
lessons for the following week and/or prepare lessons. They will be available throughout the day on Fridays in case students or families need help with work. The administration will be available to all staff if needed and we will be invited to
their online class meetings. SpEd and Tier 3 intervention students will have their needs met face to face unless there is not enough time, then the SpEd/intervention teachers will conduct online meetings.


  • All elementary students will get a G Mail account set up by CAS IT dept.
  • All lessons will be placed into Google Classroom by teaching staff daily
  • Lessons plans will be a joint effort between the grade-level teams with each teacher taking a subject and making sure to differentiate the lessons
  • Students/families will receive timely feedback
  • Grades will be entered into IC weekly
  • All lessons will be rigorous and meaningful
  • All teachers will move students forward in the Nevada State Content Standards
  • Students will have access to a mentor and will have SEL lessons
  • Students will receive computer, art, PE, and World culture/music lessons
  • Teachers will meet with students on Fridays at a designated time to help with assignments
  • Teachers will videotape/prepare DL lessons on Fridays for the following week


If this occurs at the beginning of the school year, we will not be able to follow any social distancing guidelines. This year we have 538 students.