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Return to School Fall 2020 Family Survey

Dear Coral Families,


Coral Academy of Science is working on plans for re-opening school buildings in the 2020-2021 school year and is currently exploring various options based on available guidance from public health experts and the Nevada Department of Education. We understand there are much uncertainty and anxiety around what the next school year will look like, and this is one way to gather your feedback around what is essential for your family.

We are all hoping that the coronavirus pandemic will end soon. However, we need to prepare for the possibility that it will continue into August 2020 and beyond. In order to be prepared for a variety of options that may be presented to Coral Academy Board of Directors and the general public, we have formed re-opening committees at each Coral Academy of Science Campuses to discuss all options, which include daily temperature checks, adjusted class sizes, arrangements for social distancing precautions, and more. We want to be responsive to your ideas, observations, and concerns. Please fill out this survey assuming health and safety measures like social distancing are still in place.

Your answers to this survey are anonymous and confidential, and you can skip some questions you are not comfortable answering, or that may not apply to your child. If you have more than one child who is going to attend CAS in your family, we recommend filling out this survey for each child since the needs differ from grade level to grade level.

We appreciate all of your time and feedback regarding the Fall 2020 School Re-opening. The survey will be open through Wednesday, June 24th.

Return to School Fall 2020 Family Survey Links :

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