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Middle School Reopening Resources


Full In Education

After consideration and analysis, Middle School has decided that students returning fully are not possible due to spacing, social distancing, and Implementing all state framework requirements. 50/50 HYBRID CAS MS will have a M&W group and a T&TH group with Fridays for teacher planning and online learning for all students. Teachers will take attendance every day for all students on a given class period that will be set up with the district attendance person. For students that do not check in on Google Classroom during that class period, Parents and students will receive an email or phone call from their teacher. Students that have a habitual issue with attendance will be contacted by the administration and if needed, referred to district truant officer. Fridays, teachers will create their online lessons for the following week. Teachers will be available online throughout the day on Fridays for students or families that need support with work. Fridays, Administration will be available online to all faculty and staff. All parent meetings will be done virtually for the first quarter. SpEd and Tier 3 intervention students will have their needs met face to face on their in-person attendance days. Online days, the SpEd/intervention teachers will conduct online meetings with individual students to lend proper support.

Distance Learning Model

  • All middle school students have already been given a Coral email and account. New students will be given one on the first day of their attendance.
  • All lessons will be placed into Google Classroom by faculty daily/weekly.
  • A Lesson plan template will be provided prior to school starting. All teachers will use the given template. Lesson plans will be checked by the department chair and split between administration (Pacheco, electives, and all subjects, but math and Social studies, Goodwin 0 Social Studies, Garlock – Math) by every Monday morning. Mr. Goodwin will oversee Google Classroom for all teachers.
  • Students/families will receive timely feedback for grades, unattached work, academic dishonesty, and any needed communication on varying issues.
  • Grades will be entered into IC weekly
  • Lessons will be creative, rigorous, and geared toward real-life applications.
  • All teachers will move students forward using the Nevada State Content Standards
  • All Students will have access to our student mentor.
  • All students in need of ELL support will have it provided.
  •  Students will have a choice of electives including, but not limited to, advanced math, anthropology, team sports, creative writing, computer, art, PE, language, music, origami, LegoRobotics, coding, world cultures.
  • PLTW will be offered to 6th through 8th-grade students by the quarter. These classes include Design and modeling, Medical Detectives, Green Architecture, Magic of Electrons, energy, and the environment, APP Creators.