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Nonprofit Connections Funding Priorities

Thank you for your interest in Coral Academy of Science.

Our mission is to provide a safe learning environment, supported by a diverse community, and a student body that is dedicated to a rigorous college preparatory and career-ready curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, and music.

This is what you can make happen with a gift of $1,000 to $10,000:

A grant of $1,000 …

  • Can provide supplies to enhance our Music and Arts programs
  • Can provide many books for our libraries

A grant of $2,500 …

  • Can help us improve our playground equipment for our elementary school students
  • Can provide literacy tools and training for our underserved population and for students learning the English language

A grant of $5,000 … 

  • Can provide several Chromebook computers to ensure all students have access to learning
  • Can provide in-class technology for teachers such as Smartboards, PCs, document cameras, or projectors

A grant of $10,000 … 

  • Can provide a set of Chromebook computers so that students can best utilize technology to supplement classroom instruction 
  • Can provide new desktop computers so students can build on their computer science skills

Our current funding priorities are: 

  1. Technology
  2. Professional Learning (for faculty to continually improve teaching methods)
  3. School Facility Improvements

Contact Sean Monahan to talk with him about these exciting grant opportunities at Coral Academy of Science. Please call (775) 323-2332 Ext 146 or email

To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, please contact a member of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada Stewardship Team at 775-333-5499.

Community Foundation of Western Nevada
50 Washington Street, Suite 300, Reno, NV 89503
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